Pink Peony Bouquet Linen detail: was $27.
Stunning floral print on a very fine quality linen from an Australian collection. Shirting weight, not too light, not too heavy, perfect for spring/summer shirts, blouses, dresses and tops, but would also work for a soft version of the season's trend for printed pants.

Some pattern suggestions: A good choice for Marcy’s New Dress,Vogue 8876 or Rachel Comey great little top, Vogue 1247or Marcy’s asymmetrical peplum shirt, Vogue 8709 or Katherine’s BIG shirt
Vogue 8748 or Lynn Mizono big shirt, Vogue 1274

Pre treat by hand laundering or machine wash gentle and air dry. You can toss linen in the dryer if you want all over wrinkles, but always pre test a sample, some fabrics respond well, others not so well. Test Test Test. After laundering hand wash or machine launder gentle and air dry. I like to take my linens out of the laundry while still very wet, hang on a hanger and pull and smooth the seams and hems, allowing the weight of the water to do the work, then touch up with an iron or not.


Price per yard: $14.00   +   
 yardage options 

1 yard minimum purchase


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