Copenhagen Navy Spring Crepe Woven
This is one of those quiet european fabrics so beloved by Donna Karan for her drapey pants, jackets, tops, shirts and dresses. Saturated black with a subtle crepe weave, light-mid weight, cool dry hand, ideal for travel and wardrobe building. I've been seeing fabrics with a bit of nylon in fine ready to wear in Paris for a few is a secret ingredient found in better fabrics as it adds texture, wrinkle resistance and an appealing smooth quality...all found in this great fabric. Limited quantity.

I pre-shrink by machine washing gentle and air dry, then once the garment is made, wash on gentle and air dry. When wet, rayon crepe can get more shrunken looking and stiff, but once it dries it goes back to it's normal fluid self. But it does NOT like the dryer! Putting a crepe weave in the dryer can cause drastic shrinkage because the fibers are twisted to make the crepe weave. And blacks/navy-darks can fade in the dryer.

88% rayon, 11.4% nylon

Price per yard: $18.00   +   
 yardage options 

1 yard minimum purchase


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