Rust and Brownish Black Double Sided Parisian
One of our most popular basic knits is now available in double sided color ways (one side of the fabric is actually printed with the second color, in this case, a brownish black, adding a SLIGHT amount of weight to the fabric). Fluid and beautiful, this is an appealing 'liquid' knit that will be easy to sew and wear....great for travel and wardrobe building. This is is the kind of knit used extensively in fine French ready to wear for t-shirts, tops, drapey skirts, pants, dresses etc. I see and buy t-shirts and pants using this type and weight 'good' polyester fabric in Paris, and I am delighted to offer something I use in my own wardrobe to you. It has a dry hand, matte texture, beautiful drape and feels good next to the skin. The weight is perfect for fluid and slimming, pants, t-shirts, cardis, dresses and tops.

Pure colors that do not loose any color or depth with washing. To pre-treat the fabric before sewing, I wash in the machine on gentle and toss in the drier. Once the garment is sewn, I machine wash on gentle and hang to air dry.... NEVER put it in the dryer again (the dryer wears out clothes much faster that actual wear and tear). I have tops and pants in this fabric that I have worn for 4 years.

94% poly, 6% spandex

Price per yard: $18.00   +   
 yardage options 

1 yard minimum purchase


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