Katherine Tilton (Nandini)
My sister, best friend, colleague, collaborator and design guru.
Diane Ericson and ReVisions Patterns
Diane is a dear friend and colleague who has been sparking my creativity over our many years of friendship. We co-conduct Design Outside the Lines retreats together.

Sandra Betzina
When Sandra Betzina speaks, I listen. She took me under her wing and offered me a teaching slot in her SF school back in the 1970's and changed my life forever. We've been friends ever since and continue to play together. Her Power Sewing website and internet subscription TV show is fabulous, just like her and highly recommended.

Vogue Patterns
Link to the Vogue Patterns website.
Marcy's Vogue Patterns
Direct link to the page with Marcy's patterns.

Fire Mountain Gems
Fire Mountain Gems is a local Southern Oregon bead and gem business owned by friends Chris and Stuart Freedman. My source for all bead related items as well as for gold, silver and copper leaf for surface design.

Sewing Lounge (in the Twin Cities)
Maggy Schneider's Sewing Lounge offers intimate and inspiring classes on sewing for all ages in St. Paul (my home town). I'm thrilled that my grand-niece Bridget (age 9) will be learning to sew with Maggy this summer, continuing the family tradition.

Julian and Spohie's School of Pattern Cutting
Out-of-the-box wiggy and marvelously creative designer. Love the notes and sketches of the dresses he invents. I'd love to take a class with this guy!!

John Marshall
John Marshall is a contemporary American national treasure in the world of textile arts. He has carved out his own unique and beautiful world of Japanese inspired fabric and clothing using ancient techniques with a exquisite, humorous and amazing results. I'm a fan....and he has a wicked sense of humor to boot!

Martha Ringer
My friend Martha Ringer is an expert and genius in the field of
completion. Done. Complete. Finished. is the title of her new book, which you can buy online or download as a pdf. If you are a multi-tasking diva, you'll want to have a copy to hold in your hand and read as an inspiration and reminder. It is a gem. This wise and lovely little book is filled with gentle wisdom, and is impacting my own (sometimes frenetic) work style. I recommend it from my heart.

Andrea Cochran
Andie is one of San Francisco's cutting edge landscape architects, winner of the Cooper Hewitt Design Award, and one of my style gurus. When I get stuck on a design project, I ask myself, '...what would Andie do?' Her website is beautiful, check out photos of her projects large and small, and watch for her beautifl new book, coming soon.

Selvedge Magazine
It is my personal wish that all American sewing-craft magazines would use Selvedge as an aesthetic muse-design guardian angel. Open a copy of Selvedge and you sense there is a philosophy that Selvedge readers subscribe to. A belief system based on a cerebral and sensual addiction to textiles in all forms. Readers share a belief in the importance of their material surroundings and a passion for the beautiful and beautifully made.

Fashion Incubator
This extensive blog is brain child of author Kathleen Fasanella, whose highly recommended book, The Entrepreneur's Guide to Sewn Product Manufacturing will intrigue home sewists (although aimed at designer entrepreneurs). I own the book, and learn from the blog. 4 stars!!

Link to Lynette Douglas and her gorgeous hats.
Based in South Africa, Lynette Douglas designs fabulous hats that are sold all over the world. Beautiful, original and wearable, a winning combination.


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