Metallic Foils $24.00
Individual 12" cuts of 7 different colors, 1yd. each gold & silver & 4 oz. jar of adhesive
Foil Adhesive $7.50

4 Oz. jar of foil adhesive. This special adhesive is used to apply foils, directly on fabric with a brush and with silk screens, rubber stamps, stencils or in fine tip squeeze bottle. Apply an even layer of foil adhesive with sponge brush to a rubber stamp, with a silk screen. The adhesive must be dry before applying the foil. Wash screens, stamps, brushes with cool water when done. Do NOT allow the adhesive to dry on a silk screen, it can clog it.

Buy 2 or more and save on shipping.
Metallic foils by the yard $4.00
In stock: silver, copper, gold, red, black, turquoise, purple .

$4. yard
approx 12" wide

purchase more than one and save on shipping


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