Knit Fabrics
Knit Fabrics

Knits have the reputation of being 'hard' to sew---even experienced sew-ists tell me that they avoid working with knits. With just a bit of practice, I hope you will have as much fun and ease and success in working with knits as I do. I love to teach just how easy it is to use knits and to pass on the discoveries I keep making as I sew with knits.

I select knits for sale on the website that are the kind of fabrics I search for in my own sewing. There is a wide range now available: ponte knits, contemporary double knits (come in different fiber contents and qualities)---these a great place for beginners to start. Rayon/lycra knits, which have beautiful drape, printed knits which feel very modern right now, and what I consider 'design workhorses'....stripes, dots, sheers and tulles.

A few reasons for loving knits:
No raveling, no seam finish required.
The raw edge can be used as a hem or edge finish.
The stretch factor makes fitting more forgiving.
The drape is beautiful.
I break the rules and cut garments on both the lengthwise AND crosswise grain, especially if the fabric is a 4 way stretch. You are the designer, you get to decide.
Use the rolled edge as design elements.

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