Surface Design

Surface design techniques and tools are becoming more commonly used and available to home sewists and crafters. Adding a bit of paint, foil or dye discharge is easy, fun and adds a distinctive personal touch to your designs. You can achieve an amazing amount of variety with just a few simple screens by overlaying/layering them, using a combo of dye discharge, paint and metallic foils, using contrasting color or elegant monotones. In some of the tests we've done, you'd never believe we were using the same screens as the different choice makes the finished result look entirely different.

We produce an extensive line of silk screens, offer metallic foils and adhesives, and have produced virtual a CD workshop, On The Surface, that gives a complete overview of surface design techniques and products.

Click on the links in this category to see how-to tutorials and to view and order the selection of screens, foils and CDs offered for sale.


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