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Little Mesh Shrug

This has become the summer of the little shrug. Shelley, Roxy and Beth are all sewing and wearing this practical warm weather coverup which is perfect for cool mornings and evenings, for air conditioning coolness and is ideal for layering over sleeveless tops and dresses for those who don't want to bare their arms.

The pattern is the Bolero Shrug pattern that comes included in the book
Alabama Studio Sewing + Design,which is outstanding on its own and worth the price of the book for this great little shrug. Beth and Roxy are into the cotton knit hand sewn version, while I am loving sewing with and wearing mesh knits.

Vogue 8709

BIG family wedding. 'Cocktail' attire requested. .....'what to wear?' Outdoor afternoon wedding going into the evening/night. I wanted to make something that I'd wear for this event and later. Used a poly taffeta from my stash, was happy it paired perfectly with pants already in my closet. Here is the result. I lowered the front neckline and instead of the collars in the pattern, used a long strip of the fabric with the fun selvedge as an edge, and randomly pleated it into the neck.

pant hem detail

Simple little pull on pant in a polyester I found in Paris (the cheapest fabric I ever found there!). I used the wrong side which is mostly black, but there is a wash of the coraly-red on the reverse side. I used the selvedge as an edge and turned the hem to the right side so just a bit of color flashes at the bottom edge....and luckily, it is the same shade as the blouse.

Vogue 8653

Nancy Murakami used our Mystery Pumpkin knit for V8653, the jacket/sweater you can wear upside down and inside out. The fabric is one of those mystery blends. It has some wool in it, for when it is pre-treated by tossing in the washer and drier before cutting, it changes, gets more dense, lightly felted, more soft and cozy....and as Nancy says, 'has a mind of its own'. The result is a soft, cozy, supple little sweatery jacket that looks like it came from a pricy european boutique.

VOGUE 8752
A natural for stripes or double sided fabrics, would also make a very chic rain jacket. Ideal for travel too.
acket with asymmetrical fronts, curved pockets and petite hood that functions just in case, but forms a lovely shaped collar when flat. Lined. I did one in an orange striped silk woven from recycled saris and the other in an Italian camel/gray woven wool with an airy etching-like overprinting.

Vogue 8761

hree bags full!

Left to right, tote in embossed leather, tote in felted wool, across the body bag in silk screened canvas. All are lined with inner pockets.

AND....Leslie Gelber Tweaks 8709
Inspired by Nancy's version of 8709, Leslie Gelber did this interpretation which she says was her 'go-to' garment for a recent NYC trip.

Nancy Murakami Tweaks V8709

Ever clever Nancy Murakami took V8709 and turned it into a duster/tunic in a black and white Italian cotton.

Love this!! always, the line drawing tells the tale.
How she did her own words:
First...I took the excess swing off the back to make it more a straight line. And I straightened the side of the front,too....and do I need to mention that I dropped the dart line down about 3/4". I raised the waist line up 2" to make it more midriff...which is a better look for my long waisted, short legged self. I had to play a bit with the peplum to make sure it would fit the new waist measurement. I kept the bottom width the same and then I added to the length about 10-12" , give or take. I only bought 2 yds of your I really had to place carefully to make it work. Oh, and of course more buttons...I think I used 9 for it.

This part has nothing to do with your part of the design, but always an issue with Vogue....I always need to "bump" out the upper arm part of the sleeve. I play with the shoulder line...generally taking it in...I am getting the ole rounded shoulder thing going I like to be able to move my arms comfortably so my back width needs to be broadened...and then take in the scooping it in the area about 3-4" from the underarm seam. I love the look of the sleeve to fold it up and looks great.

Oh my clone took the look of dr Dr Coat it became....this pattern demands that you use stripes to show off all the is a fun shirt.

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