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Marcy Tiltons Newsletter for Everyday Creatives
Newsletter #12
November 2006

Marcy Tiltons Newsletter for Everyday Creatives
Newsletter #12
November 2006

Topics in This Newsletter

A Passion For Felting
Design Outside the Lines
Paris Fusion Blog
Marcys Upcoming Schedule for 2007
Newsletter Archives
Favorite Fabric Source

Needle Felting! A New Passion

It seems as if needle felting is hitting critical mass and Ive joined the ranks of felting enthusiasts. Ive been dry felting by hand and by machine and it is so much fun and VERY satisfying.

Needle felting is simple, fast and easy. The wool fibers in a ball of yarn or wool roving will become entangled or blended with the fibers in the base fabric when a burred needle(s) are repeatedly inserted through the fibers. The burrs on the wool fibers catch on the burrs on the needles and are drawn together so they blend together.

Working on felted wool jersey base fabric, I used a combination of hand and machine needle felting. I experimented with different dry needle felting tools, but my favorite needle felting tool comes from Clover. It is small and easy to handle, the cluster of 5 sharp barbed needles are positioned close together and it has a retractable plastic spring-activated needle guard that protects fingers and keeps the needles from bending or getting caught in the work. I used the Clover needle felting tool with the large size brush-style Clover Needle Felting Mat and it was a perfect needle felting set-up. I also used the felting tool with a 5.5 x 7.5 dense foam mat. It makes a very satisfying little chuuk-a-chuuk sound, and that noise has been coming from my studio a lot recently. BIG FUN, BIG YES!! I first hand felted all the designs in place, then went over them with the Bernina needle felting attachment. I like the control over design placement with the Clover tool, and t
hen went over it front and back to secure things in place with the Bernina attachment. This technique has such great design possibilities. I felted yarn and roving into wool jersey with great success. Ive had some good experiments felting scraps of silk dupioni into wool too. Most of the examples Id seen tended toward cute or flowery, but Im having fun developing sophisticated, abstract and geometric designs to use in a future Vogue pattern.


Design Outside the Lines 2007

February 4-8 at La Casa de Maria in Santa Barbara, California

September 25-29 in Taos, New Mexico

Diane Ericson and I have been co-conducting Design Outside the Lines retreats since 1999. We will be conducting two retreats in 2007. We just finalized dates for two retreats in 2007 and anticipate they will fill quickly.

At The Santa Barbara retreat, where our studio is expansive, the focus is on clothing. In Taos the studio is a beautiful adobe intimate space, and the focus is on details for garments, accessories, quilts, and exploring the big potential in working small. Each year we choose a theme that Diane and I use in preparing our teaching. The topic that has us both excited and intrigued is Design: redognising good design, how to tune up design skills, expanding into becoming a better designer. Our theme will be, bellocchio, which is a wonderful Italian phrase that literally means, good eye, which is at the core of seeing the world around you with an ever improving finely tuned design sensibiity. Design is the arrangement of visual elements in space, and this simple principle provides rich possibilties for taking a fresh look at design concepts and putting them into action.

My own work improves and expands with each retreat I attend. It is ian nspiring privilege to be in a creative community with others who share a similar passion. Join Diane and me at one of our retreats in 2007.

Details are posted on Marcys website
and on Dianes website

$300 Deposit holds your place. Total cost $1350 includes double occupancy, all workshops and most meals.

Ill be out of the country Nov 27-Jan19. Call me before the 27th to register by phone or if you have any questions. After the 27th, call Diane at: 707-540-0205 or via e-mail at:

Off To Paris
I will be in Paris from November 27 - January 19, a great adventure coming up. With Shermane Fouche I will be conducting two tours we have dubbed HiddenParis, the first, December 3-11, the second, January 7-15. Just as the second tour was filling up, I was reading, A Writers Paris, by Eric Maisel, a book that inspired me to rent an apartment and spend the in-between-the-tours weeks in Paris. This is sacred time and space, out of my cozy country house smack dab in the heart of the Latin Quarter. Posting an ad on Craigs List Paris, I found a pied a terre to rent from an American who works in films and will have a new neighood to explore. Ive set up a blog so I can send photos and posts, and will send notices via this newsletter as new information emerges.

Still groping my way through blog-dom, but here is the link for you to check out:

Marcys Upcoming Schedule for 2007
Check this link on my website for my teaching schedule:

Puyallup Sewing Expo
March 1,2,3,4, 2007

Marcy will have a booth and be be a speaker at this 'mother' of all sewing shows.

Peninsula Wearable Art Guild
April 14 & 15
Lecture and workshop. Check back here for details and contact info.

Peninsula Wearable Art Guild
April 14 & 15

Elements of Style with Shermane Fouche
April 21 & 22, 2007
In Rohnert Park/Santa Rosa, CA area
Save the date and check back in early 2007 for more details on this fun and inspiring time with Shermane and Marcy.

San Francisco Design Studio Tour
with Marcy and Katherine (Nandini) Tilton
Spring 2007
Details to come in early 2007.

HiddenParis Tour 2007
Dates to be announced in January
Contact me via e-mail if you are interested:


Yves St. Laurent Book
Some years ago in Paris in winter, I went to visit a student friend who lived with a family on the Right Bank on the Avenue Marceau, which happens to be the on same street as the Yves St. Laurent salon and workrooms. It was early evening, the lights were on and I could see into the rooms above from the street,. Two men in chic overcoats left by the front door and I imagined it was St. Laurent himself. This book is filled with photographs of those rooms and shows how the design process evolves, starting with the croquis (sketch) , close up shots of the seamstresses working on a mannikin, the bolts of fabric, the design team hammering out decisions and solving problems. Shermane brought a few copies of this book from Paris. The text is in French, but it is mostly photographs. Wonderful look at an art that will probably disappear in our lifetime. Just 3 copies available. $40 + $8 s/h.

Bag & Baggage: Indespensible Walker mesh totes
These sturdy well designed totes are part of my everyday and travel necessities. The pair nest together, and I use them every time I leave the house. When travelling, the large bag is slipped into the outside pocket of my checked on weighs nothing and is incredibly handy. An interior designer bought 2 large totes to hold her fabric samples and my friend Amy uses hers to slip her black miniature poodle into stores and movies. Great girlfriend gift.

Special price for 2 AND free shipping too!

I'll bring more bags back from Paris, but if you order any Groom bag before November 20, the shipping is FREE. Call to reserve your style and color. Sorry, no black in the large backpack. This year's color, a gorgeous expresson brown is available in both medium and large backpack bags.

Newsletter Archives
I have archived all the past newsletters into one link on my website:

Not all links and info remains current.

If your e-mail address changes, you can go directly to the Newsletter link to delete your old address and put in your new one. Id prefer that you do this rather than sending me an e-mail asking me to do this for you. Go to this link, it is obvious how to do it. Send any interested friends to this link if they would like to be added to this newsletter e-mailing list. Go to this same link if you want to be removed from this list.

Favorite Fabric Source
People always want to know about my favorite fabric resources. One of the most fun places for me is to shop at SR Harris in the Minneapolis area. I prefer to go alone (or with my sister who understands these things). Now, I am a professional shopper/buyer, and this store is so huge and so packed with fabric that it takes my breath away. Even better, the prices are good to begin with, but almost all of the time, everything is 1/2 price. This is a HUGE place. Fabric piled to the rafters. Shopping carts are essential. Plenty of time to mine for fabric is essential. Better to go on a quiet weekday morning than on Sunday, but no matter, just go. Take water and a snack. Wear comfortable shoes. Really LOOK, dig around, put all possible purchases in the cart. Sometimes I fill more than one cart. I find great oddball fabrics here, knits, rainwear, silks, stretch cottons, great fleece. If you go to Minneapolis, escape from the non-sewers and head out to the outer bur
bs to Sids. If you cant make it to Minneapolis, the good news is that they have a website so you can see the latest new stuff. Marcy sez: 4 stars, 2 thumbs up. The staff is great too---plenty of strong guys who will help you dig out that treasure that is wedged on the bottom of the pile.

Wishing you a joyous and creative holiday season,
A bientot!

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