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Marcy Tilton's Newsletter for Everyday Creatives #15
May 2007
Marcy Tilton's Newsletter for Everyday Creatives #15
May 2007

Design Outside the Lines dates for 2008
Marcy's New Vogue Patterns
Summer Sewing: Hand Picked Collection of Designer Fabrics for Sale
New from GROOM
New Botanical Silk Screens
Artful Labels
Metallic Leafing on Shoes
YES, we accept Credit Cards
San Francisco Design Tour: Reporting on Vivienne Westwood show
Come to Paris with Marcy in December
New Paris Blog from Shermane Fouche
T-Shirt DVD
Lynda Albiero's Venice Tour in the fall
Marcy's Book List updated


Hello Dear Creative Friends,

Spring greetings from my Oregon studio to yours. This time of year I feel the pull of the garden and the pull of the studio, and love to spend time in feeds the other. I also feel the nesting urge. And the purge urge in the studio is happening right on schedule. With the arrival of a new batch of fabrics, I am re-organizing (aka finding space) my working stash of fabrics. Moving things around sparks my creative ideas and making order---putting things in color families, getting rid of things that no longer make my heart beat faster---and paring things down lays down the foundation for what will come next.

On top in the design studio are an article for Threads on the surplice wrap t-shirt. I've been making and fine tuning this nearly perfect style for several years and this month will do the writing and model making for an article that will appear early next fall.

I've just sent a batch of pattern possibilities off to Vogue, and can't wait for their insights and feedback as to what my next patterns will be. They are scheduling designs for 2008, this is a long-term process, takes nearly a year from inception to completion.

In my heart I am hoping for some play days in the studio. No 'work' related projects, just pfutzing around and playing to see what happens.

At the end of May I will be a vendor at the Surface Design Conference in Kansas City along with my sister Nandini / Katherine Tilton, a talented fiber artist. We got in late, so our booth is tucked in the back. If you are coming to the conference, please stop by to visit with us. This conference happens every other year, always in Kansas City, and is an amazing, fun and inspiring event. The Surface Design Association is an invaluable resource for any who have the textile/fiber/fabric/art passion. They have a GREAT and detailed website, and all the info on joining and on the conference can be found at:

I'm very interested in your feedback on this newsletter and on any of my products. I do almost all of the behind the scenes work on my website (a creative task I enjoy, often while watching tv movies). So do e-mail me your ideas for future topics, photos of your renditions of my patterns or suggestions for products you'd like to have available.

Do pass on this newsletter to interested friends, info on that is at the very end of this newsletter.
wishing each of you a creative and fresh spring season,

Design Outside the Lines
Dates for 2008
MARK YOUR CALENDAR, these 2 sessions will fill early!

There are 2 spaces left in the September 25 - 27, 2007 Design Outside the Lines retreat in Taos, call or e-mail Marcy if you want to reserve your place.

Now taking reservations for 2008:
Diane and Marcy have only two retreats scheduled for next year.

La Casa de Maria
Santa Barbara
February 3 - 7, 2008

Mabel Dodge Luhan
Taos, New Mexico
September 25 - 29, 2008

Detailed information at:

Registration Details:

Sample teaching focus:

More Questions: Call Marcy at: 541-592-2969
See all of Marcy's Vogue patterns with easy to view details at:
Hand Picked Collection of Designer Fabrics for Sale

Recently I picked up a selection of designer fabrics including a grouping for my new Vogue pants pattern, Vogue 8397, which was #5 on the Vogue best seller list the week it was released.  We are offering swatches of the pant fabrics as well as a grouping of incredible fabrics for jackets or more tailored pants (mostly Italian, dark/muted colors, some with stretch, some double faced or with subtle weaves) and point d'esprit poly tulle I am putting to many uses.  All gorgeous and well priced.  For swatches, send $5 (cash preferred) and a large SASE with 2 stamps to me at:  PO Box 2161, Cave Junction, OR  97523.  I'll send the entire batch of swatches and deduct the $5 from your first order. See photos of some of the fabrics as well as a special offer for a grouping of 5 hand picked fabrics for pants at:

2 1/2 yards of each of the following fabrics for $187.
Marcy's Pant Fabric Picks
Perfect for Marcy?s new top selling Vogue pattern # 8397
Italian black rayon faille with crossgrain woven rib.  Super drapey, the kind of fabric that slims. Cut this on the crossgrain, perfect for view B or C
Ecru/Taupe crinkle jaquard.  Gorgeous drape, intricate yet subtle design has a crossgrain striped effect.  Cut on crossgrain so the softly geometric stripe goes up and down.  Perfect for View B or C.
Black summer weight stetch-woven poly with subtle woven wide check (you barely notice, yet it adds character).  Perfect for any of the 3, would be fabulous in View A.
Chocolate/tobacco brown light-weight poly double knit.  Perfect for View A.
Black light weight poly double knit.  Marcy?s choice for her own summer weight version of View A

I'll have another grouping of sample cuts available at the ASG conference in July. These small cuts are too small to swatch, sorry. 

I could not get a passable photo of the black point d'esprit tulle netting, but it is available for sale on the website on the M list along with 3 other soft colors;

Tulles and Sheers
I am using sheers for trim and sleeves on my re-fashioned purchased t- shirts. HOT tip:  you can just cut off the sleeve on a t-shirt and re-cut a new one. I've been replacing dorky short sleeves with 3/4 sleeves in sheers like these nettings.
A new shipment of GROOM bags has just arrived from Paris. Includes the marvelous leather billfold in 4 luscious colors, one magnificent acid green leather backpack, Mistral totes in new colors and the Vision bag in leather, an across the body flat rectangular bag in a perfect size for everyday running around. The large backpack is now only being made in black, we have one in taupe left.

See the new designs at:

Special Orders: Any current style GROOM bag can be specially ordered for you. This takes 4-6 weeks, call for prices. We can track down the style name/# as well as send swatches of leather and microfiber colors. I get calls and e-mails from women all over the world who know and love these beautiful bags. As far as I know I am the only person in the US who is importing them. 50% deposit on all special order bags.
NEW Large Botanical Silk Screens
The current the fashion and home decor hot ticket item is large scale floral prints with an vintage flavor. I've added a collection of silk screens in on a large scale using antique floral woodcuts. Blown up on a larger scale, these designs take on a sophisticated twist. Click on this link to see how I used one large motif at the hem of my new pant pattern Vogue 8397, view B. The fabric is a humble stretch cotton in a khaki green. Love how this bit of surface design transforms a funky kickaround pant. I used the largest zig-zag and black thread to tie it all together.
See a detail from this pant at:
See the entire collection of new silk screens at:

One of my upcoming projects is to make a summer duvet cover using the large botanical silk screens. The images will be silk screened in black on a natural/white fabric, and then I'll use Dye-Na-Flo to add soft washes of color. Dye-Na-Flo is a liquid paint, easy to mix colors and you can add water to thin down the intensity.

I'm using the large botanicals on t-shirts too, both with dye discharge and with paint. Try just using one color---in the spring I crave my own version of the white/cream t-shirt. I use Lumiere pearl white paint for a subtle white on white effect. Black on black is a cool combo too, and if you want a bit of gleam, pop in just a touch of metallic foil.
Artful Silk Screen Labels
Are you signing your hand made garments?

I'm putting labels in my hand made clothing silk using a silk screened image with metallic foil. It is fast, does not show or bleed through on the right side of the fabric and makes a cool design statement. Sometimes I do this after the garment is finished, sometimes while it is in process---doesn't matter. I like the combo of the kimono label and my name on a silk screen. This is a two stage process. First I screen the foil adhesive in the kimono label motif, let it dry and foil it with one color. Then I foil it with the name on top and foil it in another contrasting color. (might do silver and copper for instance) Or just do one image. You must let the adhesive dry, but this takes a short time. It is a great look with the new hologram foils too.
see the kimono label and order a silk screen with your name:

If you want a silk screen with your name in another font or in your signature, simply scan and e-mail us the image. Let us know how large you want the signature. We use a small size screen, (3 3/4? x 5), and the image can be positioned in the center of the screen or about 1" from horizontal edge, so you can then position the label close to the neck seam on a finished garment.
Leafing works on shoes!!
I bought a cool new pair of Cydwoq shoes at my friend Juli's wonderful store, 250 Main in Ashland. (The store is located at 250 Main Street ,don't miss it if you visitAshland). I'm a fan of this line of quirky-chic handmade in America shoe line. They are expensive, and this pair had just a few random brushstrokes of gold on the taupe leather. I'd been looking for taupe shoes and the metallic put me over the top. When I got home, I experimented with adding some silver leaf and it WORKED!! A bit scary, but fun. I did experiment on another pair first.

See examples from this shoe line at:
I didn't want just to be limited

See me demo leafing on fabric. The same technique worked on the shoes, but I did not use a silk screen (must try that too one of these days). I simply brushed on the matte medium with a fan brush and applied the leaf. Watch the video demo by clicking on 'Gold leafing demo video'
And while you are on this page, sign up for this very interesting blog. She sends out an e-mail each time she has a new post. I find lots of cool info this way and was thrilled to find myself on a recent post. LOVE this aspect of the internet!!!

Credit Cards Now a Payment Option
We are now able to accept Master Card and Visa for your purchases. (sorry, not for workshops or tour payments). Call to place your order: 541-592-2969. Do not e-mail your CC# or info. Soon the website will be set up to accept credit cards too.
Spring Design Studio Tour in San Francisco
In San Francisco last week, our tour group visited the Vivienne Westwood show at the De Young Museum. Not to be missed if you are in the Bay Area between now and mid June when the show closes. exhibition.asp?exhibitionkey=657 - 21k Oh my, she is my kind of girl! Wild and ahead of her time.  Some (most) of the garments looked like today and were 20 years old.  Her t-shirts almost landed her in jail.  To buy, customers would go to the shop and pay and then go pick them up at another location to avoid getting arrested.  yes, the image was provocative, but that was the point.  Incredible tailoring, fabulous waaayyy out there ball gowns.  Our group just happened into the show as a docent tour was starting, so we tagged along and that was fun, got some inside info.  Interesting to see how the quality of the work got better as she became more successful and could utilize the British garment industry 'hands'.....and that explains the impeccable tailoring (something that always grabs my attention).  VERY inspiring, great books in the special exhibit bookstore too.  The museum was nearly sold out of the catalog for this show, well worth
having in your library if you can find it.

We visited Holly Badgley's studio in Sausalito where she showed us 2 couture Dior coats that had belonged to her mother-in-law who just died.  On the hanger they looked larger than they really were----she looked around our group to see who might fit and chose a petite woman (Pam Seeney).  When Pam put on the coat it was a gasp moment, for the coat(s) came to life on the body.  The fabrics were boucle wools that seemed to float, fun to see the tricks of draping and seaming in 360 degrees.  A highlight and I am kicking myself that I did not get a photo.  On one the lining had torn at the facing edge so we could even peek inside.
December 2 - 10 with Marcy and Shermane Fouche
Still a few spaces available
8 magical, inspiring and artful days in Paris

Enjoy a full week in Paris immersed in art, fashion, cuisine and fabulous shared design experiences. Join Marcy Tilton and Shermane Fouche for and exciting week in the company of an intimate group, limited to 14. Unlike average tourists, we will explore the City of Light with a designer?s perspective, exploring a different area each day . Experience an eye-opening draping demonstration and discover a maker/sewist?s paradise including buttons and fabrics from current collections, plus a hidden treasures troves, visiting shops that specializes in tools, books and fabrics used in couture arts. Come home with true Parisian flair, with a Paris makeover! Take advantage of Marcy and Shermane's collective design ?eye? for a wardrobe upgrade and personal style refreshing as you look and shop throughout the sixth and seventh arrondissements. This can also include a hair cut/color and chic eyeglasses if you choose.

December in Paris tend to be quiet, (no tourist lines), holiday decorations and celebrations are in full swing and the seasonal food is marvelous. We?ll stay in a charming small 4 star luxury hotel nestled in the heart of the Right Bank, just a stone?s throw from the Louvre, surrounded by fabulous restaurants and shops and steps from a major metro stop. Paris is a walking city, its museums, historical walks and culinary delights pepper our days as we wind through the neighborhoods of this magical place. When you register you become a part of an e-mail chat group so we can get acquainted before the trip and prepare for our adventure together.

Full details at:

New Paris Blog from Shermane
Shermane Fouche has a new Paris blog. New posts every Monday from the city of light, with Shermane's fine eye for the latest in fashion, style, design and inspiration.

Marcy's NEW CD-Rom;
Where Did You Get That T-Shirt?
by Marcy Tilton and David Coffin
Marcy's new CD rom is getting rave reviews and we are shipping it all over the world. T-Shirts have long been a favorite garment of mine to wear and to make (and sometimes to buy). I wear a t-shirt nearly every day.

I have been making t-shirts, writing about t-shirts and teaching workshops on fit, design and construction for nearly 30 years. I love making t-shirts, and am energized by figuring out better/easier and more fun ways to make them. This is a favorite blank canvas, I always have at least one or two in the works, and I wear a t-shirt nearly every day. Even experienced sew-ists tell me they have a fear of working with knits, and this new CD-Rom is the result of many years experimentation and refining simple ways to head off trouble when making a t-shirt.

This information packed CD-Rom is like having Marcy with you in your own sewing studio, a private tutorial that will get you inspired to make your own distinctive t-shirts without fear of failure. There are clear video segments on fit, construction and design details and an 'eye candy' gallery of Marcy's t-shirts as well as photos from her international collection. Also included is an extensive list of fabric and other resources complete with with hotlinks, a slide show and informative handouts you can print out.

For complete details and ordering information:
Venice Tour with Lynda Albiero

There are a handful of women who I refer to as personal 'style-gurus' and Lynda Albiero is at the top of my list. I want to to go on one of Lynda's personal tours myself and those who have traveled to Venice with her loved the experience. The small group of 4 stays in a Venetian home, the second floor of a XVI century palace overlooking a canal, and unlike the millions of visitors that come to Venice, this intimate group will explore the lesser known parts, to visit artisan friends, view the art in neighborhood museums and churches. Accompanied by Lynda, who knows the city like a native, you will savor lunches in small outdoor cafes, stroll the best window displays, shop the flea and food markets and visit the islands in the lagoon. The evening meal is prepared in the palazzo kitchen, a celebration of the lagoon gardens and local offerings. Some of you may know Lynda from her magical classes at The Sewing Workshop.

For more information, contact Lynda directly: 530-272-6700 or e-mail: Please note that her e-mail address has changed since my last newsletter.

Current book favorites
Click on this link to see my stack and list of favorite new books relating to fiber, fashion and surface design.

Please feel free to pass this newsletter on to friends. To sign up for a newsletter or to remove your name from this list, click on:

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